Scandinavian Aluclad Doors

Prestige Aluclad manufactures both outward and inward opening traditional entrance doors, patio and balcony doors *. Doors are made of solid wood profiles. Double glazing or insulated panels are used as infills. Thermal transmittance Uw = 1.4 W/m2K.

It is possible to manufacture single or double leaf doors. Finishing according RAL, NCS (paint) or Prestige Aluclad (lacquer) tone catalog by customer’s choice preference. Available as timber door too.

Closing system by Swedish lock manufacturer ASSA: hinges and three-point locking espagnolette. Patio and balcony doors have more simple locking system.

Illustration for different models. Discuss options with sales representative!

* For Prestige Aluclad door = door set (e.g. leaf, frame and threshold; as a standard we supply doors with handles and cylinders)

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Standard Configuration



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Note: U-value (0.60 – 1.2) indicates thermal transmittance of window. Smaller value equals better thermal insulation

Sound Insulation Rw = 33 dB (-1;-4) - standard glazing
Frame Depth 116 mm (128,5 mm with alucladding)
Material of Sash and Frame Door leaf: insulated panel or glue-lam profiles; door frame: qlue-lam pine; quality class A1-A3; aluminium/oak threshold
Glazing 26 mm 2-glazing, one LowE glass, argon filled; or insulated panels
Hardware Abloy hinges (aluclad with dr Hahn); Fix espagnolette and handle; ASSA cylinder
Aluminium Cladding Optional external alucladding
Thermal transmittance Uw = 1,40 W/m²K (0,9 x 2,1 m door with standard glass)
Color of sash gaskets Grey


Material of frame and sash

Glue-lam pine, Nordic timber quality class A1-A3


Teknos Aquatop and/or VRC

RAL; NCS and translusent systems:

Glasing options

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Glazing bar options

Selection of handles

Panel door leaf is a composite product of timber frame covered with weather proof plywood "skins" (including moisture protection) and filled with insulation material. With the modern CNC technology different grooves and glazing options can be used for design purposes.

Panel door standard designs

  • Standard sizes are width 880-1078 mm and height 2040-2300 mm.
  • Door design options and hardware types can be found on the illustrations below.
  • Lead time 3 weeks.
  • Lower price compared to special design doors.
  • Ask for more detailed information from sales representative!

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NB! Pictures above are illustrations - specific tone, glass type, hardware configuration may be different than current illustrations.

Profile doors

Profile door leaves are assembled of glue-lam timber profiles. Insulated glazing of panels can be used.

Available door designs (click on the images below to see more):

2-glazed doors