Aluclad Windows

Customization Options at Prestige Aluclad

At Prestige Aluclad, we believe in providing tailored solutions for our clients. Our aluclad windows come in a variety of designs including:

  • Outward Opening: Ideal for maximizing ventilation and security.
  • Tilt and Turn: Offers dual functionality for easy cleaning and versatile usage.
  • Passive Certified Windows: Designed for energy-conscious homeowners, meeting rigorous efficiency standards.
  • Sliding Sash: Combines traditional aesthetics with modern technology for smooth operation.
  • Fire Rated: Enhances safety with robust, fire-resistant materials.

Customization Options

We offer any Ral color for both internal and external finishes at no additional cost, ensuring your windows perfectly match your home’s decor. Additionally, we provide optional wood stain finishes for those who prefer the warm, classic look of timber. These options allow for a highly personalized appearance, combining the durability and low maintenance of aluclad with the timeless elegance of wood.

As premier suppliers of aluclad windows in Ireland, we ensure exceptional quality and service. Contact us for more information or a quote, and discover how our aluclad windows can enhance your home’s style, security, and energy efficiency.

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